Book group: reading Frederic Laloux’ Reinventing Organisations

In early July, nine of us – a mix of folk from across the third, private and public service sector – met to talk about Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations (see This was the next in a few ‘ideas’ events we’ve had as part of the Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens initiative of Scottish Leaders’ Forum. I hostedContinue reading “Book group: reading Frederic Laloux’ Reinventing Organisations”

Pioneer site: East Ayrshire Council ‘Vibrant Communities’ team

In Spring 2013, two people told me, independently, that I ‘had to go and talk to Katie Kelly at East Ayrshire Council’. I was blown away by the energy of that first conversation we had together. Katie was really embodying an ‘assets’ approach, perhaps more than anyone I’d every met working for a local authorityContinue reading “Pioneer site: East Ayrshire Council ‘Vibrant Communities’ team”

a call to cultivate resilience

Climate tipping point? Where next? The IPCC fourth report on climate change, published last Saturday, significantly strengthened its emphasis on the dangers of runaway (‘beyond tipping point’) climate change. See the guardian’s summary graphic (PDF). This is particularly significant as we know that climate change amplifies the impacts of unsustainable human development on earth. InContinue reading “a call to cultivate resilience”