towards authenticity, courage and curiosity

Coming to our Senses exists to support people and teams as we ‘rewild’ ourselves – and reconnect with our purpose – at this time of climate emergency and attention overwhelm.

‘Rewilding’ involves paying fresh attention to our whole selves and senses – often in the face of numbing patterns (you might say addictions) of being, doing and knowing that are no longer serving us well.

We intentionally work with people from diverse age groups, backgrounds and positional power (claiming ‘leadership’ as something that’s for everyone, not just the few).

And as we work together, we recover our rootedness in what really matters – and our sense of joy in participating in positive change. 

Across our work, we aim to build community, conviviality and unexpected connections. 

Our coaches draw on poetry, music, action inquiry, yoga and human ecology practice.

We focus our work through themes. These are currently:

– Wilding ourselves and our places: coaching for pioneers in community resilience in the face of our climate emergency 

– Simple Shelters: crafting experiences for Fife teens

– Leadership coaching and supervision for participants on Ashridge Hult Executive Education Doctorate in Organisational Change (EDOC) 

– Organisational Development support with policy and operational delivery teams transforming ways of working in Scottish public services and Government.